Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Trouble In Mediocrity

A few days ago, I had a friend, who is a believer tell me that they liked to “go out” because it made them feel more normal. This has statement has bothered me for several days and I honestly don’t believe it has had anything to do with the fact that this person likes to “go out,” but more so because they want to be normal. I think all of us have our own idea of what normal is, and in my own life I recall wanting to be “normal.”

In times past when I have felt the strong urge to just be normal it has always been in times when I let myself become dull, numb, or just plain ol’ mediocre in my relationship with Jesus. The war against mediocrity is something fierce and cunning, yet gives the impression that it doesn’t care either way you decide. It is a trap, trick, snare, and deception to say that mediocrity is apathetic. Though mediocrity in itself is not apathetic, it cultivates a spirit of apathy. It makes us bored, and easily comfortable. Satan hates our guts, and it is his desire to make us apathetic and fear rejection. If we are afraid or distracted often times we don’t hear the prompting of the Holy Spirit and are not moved to action. He does this by convincing us that it is necessary for us to be “normal” to avoid being rejected or ostracized, and that it really isn’t worth it to live outside of our proverbial box or “American Dream.”  When we decide we just want to be normal, the majority of the time we end up forsaking the calling that God has placed on our lives. We decide that this race isn’t worth it after all. We decide that dying to ourselves isn’t worth it after all, because it is not what normal people do. Normal people aren’t required to give everything they have. They are not required to be selfless. They are their own boss. And ultimately “normal” people lose their vision, and choose not to do anything extraordinary, much less change the world.

I think that apathy in many ways is more dangerous, than outward rebellion. And honestly, I think what lead me to outward rebellion was my choice to be apathetic. It was the longing in my own heart to be normal, to not stand out, and to be just like everyone else that made me walk away from God. I wanted to fit in when I was made to stand out. My apathy turned to rebellion, and my rebellion festered into bitterness, and my bitterness began to eat me alive. The Proverbs weren’t kidding when it says, “…bitterness rots the bones.” Anyway, I digress... Many people believed that I was a lost cause. I left a wake of destruction wherever I went, but I constantly came up against opposition. My opposition were the people that saw through the haze, that loved me, and knew that I was called to be something more than who I decided I was at the time.

When I allowed myself to fall away, I fell asleep spiritually. I learned many life lessons at this point, many of them I hope never to repeat. However, I did walk away with a realization, the longer I stayed asleep; the more difficult it became to wake myself up. Normality presents itself as something desirable and that any other option is wrong. If you aren’t normal then you are weird, and if you’re weird then you are ultimately rejected. The sting of rejection is a definite advocate for mediocrity. It says, “Hey, just blend in and you won’t have to deal with me ever again.” Unfortunately, this is a rather inaccurate statement. When we choose to follow Jesus, he marks as his own, and I’m not saying he just sticks a number on our forehead and says, “Alright, just add Bethany to the great multitude, and we’ll wait until her life on earth is over so that way she can join me up here and fulfill her purpose.” Contrary to popular belief, he is JEALOUS for us and has a plan for our lives. When we yes to Jesus, it changes us forever. We become wholly his, and we are forever set apart. See the dilemma in trying to fit in? It becomes nearly impossible. Even when we walk away, God pursues us. One of my favorite stories in the Bible is when Hosea the prophet is commanded by God to marry the prostitute Gomer. Gomer has a really hard time staying faithful to put it lightly. She constantly returns to prostitution and Hosea continues to bring her back into his house. He pursues her with the same love that God has for each one of us. And he will stop at nothing until he has us back in his arms again. I am living proof of this reality. I did everything I could do to walk away from the love of God so I could be “normal,” only to find my path was hedged in with thorns and then later found myself stuck in a desert place where it was just me and him. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no friends by my side, it was just me and him. That, ladies and gents, is a scary place to be; face to face with a God that is jealous for you when you have spent all your time trying to run away. In that place when I expected the worse, he wooed me. It was painful, but so full of life that I really had no choice but to stop what I was doing and follow him.

These are just some thoughts that I have been pondering a while. We are created to give glory to the One who is Worthy, and how can we do that if we are ashamed to be different, if we are ashamed to stand out, or if we are ashamed to be marked eternally by the God of all creation. My encouragement to each person that comes across this is to be who you are meant to be and allow God to help you step into very fullness of everything he has for you! It makes me laugh when people ask me, “Why can’t you just be normal?” Often times my response is, “I was never meant to be…”

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